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De-Soft’s HRM Software (De-HRM)

 De-HRM is the ideal choice for any sized organizations and, an ideal time management solution that is both powerful and easy-to-use. It is the key to proficient and successful time tracking and management in your workplace. Our solution offers unparalleled performance with the flexibility and functionality required for small and large business environments alike and makes the time capturing process easy by consolidating attendance information from multiple sources into a central database. De-HRM increases productivity by focusing on exceptions and a variety of real-time management reports. More than a simple time tracker, it is a tool that allows your organization to identify potential problems before they happen.

 De-HRM is the industry leading edge software that allows your organization to electronically collect and track accurate workforce data. Our system automates the management, collection, and distribution of all employees hours in real-time. With De-HRM software, employee time-keeping is fast and efficient.

Attendance Features

  • Daily/Monthly/Periodical Attendance Status
  • Shift Register (Day/Night or As per companies policy unlimited shifting system)
  • Employees Roaster/Shifting
  • Easy to Assign Similar Employees Roaster (By Selection or Import from Excel)
  • Overtime (Regular, Holiday, Off Day, Night)
  • Manual Attendance (Single, Department/Sub Department/Designation wise Single/All)
  • Grace Period Setup
  • Late Consideration
  • List of Total Employee, Absent, Leave, Present, Holiday, Off Day, Late Comer list
  • Various Types of Attendance Report by Single ID or Branch/Department/Sub Department/Designation wise, Periodical, Daily, Monthly
  • Individual Employees Monthly Attendance Details/Summary Report
  • Branch/Department/Sub Department/Designation wise Details/Summary/Graphical
  • Punch Details/Summary

Leave Features

  • Holiday Calendar (Pre Define and Anytime Add/Delete/Edit)
  • Type of Leave
    • Sick Leave
    • Casual Leave
    • Annual Leave
    • Maternity Leave
    • Paternity Leave
    • Special
    • Leave without Pay
  • Leave Register
    • Job Assign To
    • Recommend by
    • Forward by
    • Approved by
  • Pre Formatted Leave format
  • Half Day/ Full Day Leave System
  • Yearly Leave Carrying/Forwarding System
  • Earn Leave System

Tax Features

  • Tax Slab
    • Tax Year
    • Male/Female Slab Setup
  • Exemption Calculation
  • Actual or Percentage base Medical Exemption
  • Rebate
  • Yearly/ Monthly Tax
  • Tax on Bonus
  • Tax Certificate
  • Monthly Tax Deduction Statement

Provident Fund (PF) Features

  • Employee Contribution
  • Company Contribution
  • Individual PF Statement (Both company & Employee)
  • PF Ledger
    • Opening
    • Employee Contribution
    • Company Contribution
    • Bank Interest
    • Forfeiture
    • Long Term Investment Interest
    • Others
    • Revenue Expenditure
    • Closing Balance
  • Monthly PF Interest Calculation
  • As per PF Rule Finally PF Settlement
  • Individual Ledger

Bonus Features

  • Festival Bonus
  • Performance Bonus
  • Religion wise Bonus
  • Grade wise Bonus (Permanent/Contractual/Provision/Trainee)
  • Department wise Bonus
  • Service Length wise Bonus
  • Bonus on Gross/Basic Percentage
  • Fixed/Percentage/Any Amount Bonus

Loan & Advance Features

  • Provident Fund Loan Management
  • Salary Advance
  • Other Advance & Loan
  • And 4 Types of Individual Loan System
  • Loan Interest
  • Principal or Interest consideration for special reasons
  • Monthly Loan or Advance Cash Adjustment

Payroll Modules

  • Allowance Setup (Max. 20 Types Fixed)
  • Deduction Setup (Max. 20 Types Fixed)
  • Link with Pay Scale
  • Link with Tax (If Required)
  • Link with Attendance (If Required)
  • Link with Bonus (If Required)
  • Link with Overtime (If Required)
  • Arrear
  • Other Allowance (Not Regular)
  • Other Deduction(Not Regular)
  • Late/Absent Deduction
  • Branch Wise Auto Salary Making
  • Individual Salary Making
  • Pay slip
  • Payment Sheet
  • Section Wise Details & Summary
  • Cash/Cheque/Bank Payment Sheet
  • Position wise Salary Report (Min., Avg., Max. Salary)
  • Periodical Salary Report
  • Individual Salary Statement
  • Individual Allowance/Deduction Field wise Statement
  • Pay Scale wise Salary Increment Details
  • Selected Employees Salary Report
  • Department wise Salary Comparison Report (Plain/Graphical)
  • Month wise Salary Comparison Report

HRM & Appraisal Features

  • Organ gram (4 Layer Organ gram System (Branch-Section-Department-Designation))
  • Employees Information (Personnel, Employment, Personal, Family, Others)
  • Promotion with Letter
  • Termination with Letter
  • Resignation
  • Retirement with Letter
  • Show Cause with Letter
  • Notice of Inquiry with Letter
  • Dismissal with Letter
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Schedule (Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily)
  • Performance Category Setup (36 Performance Category)
  • Performance Analyzing
  • Performance Appraisal Sheet Generate
  • Individual Employees Performance
    • (Details, Summary, Graphical, All Schedule, Schedule Range, Single Schedule Wise)
  • Analyzer Wise Performance
  • Section Wise Performance
  • Branch Wise Performance
  • Designation Wise Performance
  • Section VS Section Performance
  • Designation/Level VS Designation/Level Performance
  • Person VS Person Performance
  • Appointment Letter
  • Experience Certificate
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Transfer Letter
  • Promotion/ Demotion Letter

Various Customize Report


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