• Member/Customer Information System
    1. Members Personal information Report (Report Generation Both Pre format and Excel)
    2. Members Basic Information with picture
    3. Profession wise Member List
    4. Other individual club wise DCL Member List
    5. Area wise Member List
    6. Location wise Member List
    7. Category wise Member List
    8. Member Ledger wise Details both Member Ledger and Accounts


    More Integrated Modules Details





    Member’s Details Information



    1.       Member’s Details with Individual Credit Limit ,

    2.       Spouse Details  with Picture & Specimen,

    3.       Children & Others Information with Picture & Specimen

    4.        Others Club Information,

    5.       Professional Information,

    6.       Reference Details,

    7.       Nominee Details with Credit Limit Allocation

    8.       Eligible Voter List (Considering Member Category)

    9.       Provisional Voter List

    10.   Final Voter List (With Picture)




     Member Ledger



    1.       Member Ledger (Individual, Category wise, All)

    2.       Member Balance (Individual, Category wise, All, Credit Limit wise)

    3.       Member Statement (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Periodically)

    4.       Monthly Due List

    5.       Reminder List and Individual Letter

    6.       Posting List and Letter (Individual)

    7.       Over Limit Member List

    8.       MIS System

    9.       Member’s Dynamic Reporting Tools




    Membership Category and Credit Limit



    1.       Associate Member

    2.       Associate Use Club Member

    3.       Corporate Member

    4.       Diplomat Member

    5.       Donor Member

    6.       Foreign National Member

    7.       Honorary Member

    8.       Life Member

    9.       Permanent Member

    10.   Senior Member

    11.   Special Member

    12.   Special member

    13.   Use Club Member




    Affiliated Club Members Details with Sales Details



    ·         Only Cash Sales Allow

    ·         Limited Department Access Permission




    Guest Information with Sales Details



    ·         Only Cash Sales Allow

    ·         Limited Department Access Permission

    ·         Without Member Reference Guest Cannot Access Club




    Inventory Management System



    1.       Different Types of Requisitions

    2.       Internal Requisition with Last Received History

    3.       Purchase Requisition with Last Purchase History

    4.       Purchase Request (Approval from Office after Purchase Requisition)

    5.       Purchase Order (After Purchase Request)

    6.       Purchase Order wise Product Receive

    7.       Bill Receive

    8.       Product Delivery/Issue

    9.       Damage & Loss Entry




    FIFO Base Cost Price Control System



    ·         First in First Out Method (FIFO) Base Product Movement & Costing

    ·         Receive Challan and Date wise Every Product Cost Price Tracking

    ·         Actual Cost Price Maintain at any duration




    Circular Base Retails Price Change System


    ·         Price Change Circular Entry

    ·         Effective Date

    ·         Circular Report with Previous Price, Changed Price and Changed Price with Percentage



    Warehouse Management System


    1. Warehouse Inventory
      1. Central Store
      2. Mess Store
      3. Bar Store
      4. Lounge Store
    2. Sub-warehouse Inventory
      1. Food and Beverage
      2. Bakery Store
    3. Department or Counter wise Inventory



    Integrated Central Accounts



    1.       Auto Journal with

    a.      Product Receive

    b.      Supplier Return

    c.       Damage & Loss Entry

    d.      Product Delivery/Issue

    e.       Delivery Return

    f.        Any kind of Sales

    g.       Bill Receive

    2.       Journal by Accounts

    a.      Cash Receive

    b.      Cash Payment

    c.       Bank Receive

    d.      Bank Payment

    e.       Contra

    f.        Journal

    3.       Ledger

    a.      Supplier

    b.      Member

    c.       Departmental Ledger

    d.      Chart of Accounts wise any A/C Head wise Ledger

    4.       Cash Book

    5.       Bank Book

    6.       Trial Balance

    7.       Income & Expenditure Statement

    8.       Receivable Accounts

    9.       Payable Accounts

    10.   Balance Sheet

    11.   Balance Sheet Notes Details





    Point of Sales (POS)



    Dimension: Any type of shop, Life Style, Bar, Restaurant, Card Room, Hotel, Bakery Production, Library, Hall Booking, Cineplex, etc

    Any Duration, Department, Member, Employee wise

    a.       Invoice Details Report

    b.      Invoice wise summary Report

    c.       Mode of Payment wise Details and Summary Report

    d.      Cash and Credit wise Invoice Details Report

    e.      Date wise Sales Summary Report

    f.        Product wise Sales Report

    g.       Selected Product wise Sales Report

    h.      Group wise Sales Report

    i.         Employee wise Sales Report

    j.        Department wise Sales Report with Graphical Presentation

    k.       Member Access Report






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