Accounts Modules

Financial Accounting (more than 6 dimension integration like branch, section/cost center, employee, supplier, special event, customer/member, renovation)

  1. Receive and Payment Accounts
  2. Petty Cash Accounts
  3. Employee wise Petty Cash Allocation Voucher
  4. Employee wise Petty Cash Position Ledger
  5. Petty Cash Adjustment
  6. Separate Petty Cash Accounts Maintenance
  7. Daily Collection Report
    • Cash
    • Bank wise Cheque Details
    • Credit Card
  8. Cash, Bank and Department wise Cash Position Summary Report
  9. Supplier wise Liability Summary Report
  10. Special Executive Summary Report
  11. Auto Fixed Asset Schedule Report
  12. Schedule Collection Voucher Entry
  13. Any Amount Charge in All Member Accounts
  14. Department wise Accounts Stock & Store Position and Inventory Stock Position Analysis
  15. Voucher Edit Report
  16. Voucher Cancel Report
  17. Invoice Edit Report
  18. Invoice Cancel Report

Special Program/Event Management System

  1. Special Program Entry with Details Information
  2. Special Program wise Income Voucher Entry
  3. Special Program wise Expenditure voucher Entry
  4. Special Program wise Donation Receive
  5. Special Program wise Single Line Income, Expenditure and Profit/ Loss Report
  6. Details Ledger
  7. Voucher wise Details Accounts Report


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