Inventory control

 The ability to operate a successful business depends upon several factors. One of the most important factors is Inventory Control. Many industries/club tell us they have too much of the wrong merchandise, and not enough of the right merchandise. This is often due to a lack of timely and accurate information.

At De-Soft, we believe it’s crucial to accurately track your merchandise throughout its life cycle. From purchasing to receiving, to transferring to storing to selling and delivering, the De-Soft System provides comprehensive, real-time information of the item, product category, department, and brand level. You’ll know quantity on hand, on display, on order from your vendors, and committed to your customers.

The Inventory module is also integrated with Sales Entry, Order Processing, Purchasing, Sales Analysis Reporting, Payroll, Customer/Member Purchase History, Customer/Member Service, and General Ledger.

De-Soft’s Inventory Reporting tools provide practical information such as suggested order quantities, stock balancing transfer quantities, optimum stocking levels, serial number tracking, inventory turns, inventory valuation.



  • Item identification by manufacturer’s SKU and/or system code
  • Serial number tracking
  • Multiple cost & selling price fields
  • Feature/Benefit displays & labels
  • On-screen stock status inquiries by group, brand, product category, partial model number
  • Physical inventory processing
  • Complete inventory transfers module
  • Accessory items for add-on sales
  • Warehouse locator module
  • Displays inventory history activity by item


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