Club ERP Software (De-Club ERP)

Powerful, Flexible & Field-Proven

De-Club ERP offers companies/club truly exceptional features and functionality, the result of exhaustive industry research and feedback, as well as superior design and development based on years of experience. With so many alternatives to choose from, consider this list of advantages, which can help you better decide if De-Club ERP is the right industry/club automation solution for you.

The Right Stuff

De-Club ERP is a true object-oriented, 32-bit Windows 2000/XP® solution which leverages modern standards and tools like .Net, ActiveX, OPOS, & ODBC. Unlike most other systems, De-Club ERP is not a mix of old and new technology like packages that utilize a Windows shell around older DOS or text-based manager interfaces. This very important distinction cannot be overstated. Software works best when designed from the ground up under one design style and technical infrastructure.

Superbly Engineered

De-Club ERP is a model for client-server software design and development, utilizing the most modern software engineering practices. And like all superbly engineered products, you’ll appreciate De-Club ERP more and more as you utilize its capabilities throughout the life of your investment.

Completely Redundant

Designed to keep ringing members/customers through the checkout lanes under the worst possible conditions, De-Club ERP terminals automatically stay running without interruption, even when your network decides not to. Many system vendors have ignored this important feature altogether, while others have only made feeble attempts to provide it. Unlike other system vendors, when we say redundant, we mean it. De-Club ERP’s redundancy is fully automatic and requires no file preparation or intervention. Redundancy lies at the very core of De-Club ERP’s design and is ready to perform at a split second’s notice. Features such as on-and-off promotional sales and price changes, members/customer charges, and even credit card and debit card authorization continue to function, regardless of the state of your network.

Flexible, Smart and Scalable

De-Club ERP can be tailored to work within almost any industry/club operation. Whether you have one operation station or twenty, one branch location or hundreds, De-Club ERP is ready for the challenges that a modern industry/club environment demands. Add Management and operation terminals, as you need them. Adding new branch to the system is also simple and straightforward. De-Club ERP’s data synchronization seamlessly allows you add new stores when you need them.

 Distributed Data Synchronization

Other systems may offer synchronization, but few if any were originally designed for this purpose. Many lack important features such as background and threaded data replication, which allows you to synchronize while the system is in use, and to synchronize with multiple branches simultaneously. Other systems also lack basics such as automatic data conflict resolution, which is considered a necessity in the modern world of data synchronization and replication. You’ll appreciate the fact that automatic data conflict resolution does just that–resolves data conflicts that can occur when the same data is changed or added at the same time at different locations. De-Club ERP handles all of the details.

Commonsense Design

Just about anyone with basic computer experience can master the system in one session with De-Club ERP’s data-driven design for maintenance of Inventory Automation, Scanning, Frequent Entry, Preview report and etc.

 World-Class Data Integrity

For a industry/club management to provide critical data in a timely manner, all transaction information must be stored as efficiently as possible utilizing a state-of-the-art Database Management System (DBMS). De-Club ERP's DBMS is SQL Server, a proven DBMS with over 5 million users. SQL Server provides De-Club ERP with a fully functional relational DBMS that is efficient, extensive, and reliable. You benefit from true client-server computing with transaction processing and referential integrity that ensures the consistency of your data and provides quick access to all the information your industry/club operation demands.

Hardware Layout

A receipt printer: This connects just like any other printer, but is not necessary if you only need to print invoices and statements. Use a regular printer for invoices, statements, reports, price tags and bar code labels.

Automatic Cash Drawer: connects to the receipt printer. When the receipt prints the printer will open the cash drawer automatically. This can be optionally set by the POS software.

Scanner: A keyboard wedge bar code scanner connects into the keyboard port with no other system setups required. The scanner itself may need some configuration but this is usually quick and easy. Included is a 'Y' connector for the keyboard.

Monitor: A standard monitor can be used.

Server: Server configuration will be as per the full operation load.

Computers: De-Soft POS requires a machine running Windows XP or better. A conventional PC can be used and peripherals such as a receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner can be added.

Operating Systems: De-Soft POS requires Windows XP. Most new machines are pre-configured with the latest Windows, which includes networking software that work well.


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